4 Simple Steps To Make A Brittany Spaniel A Good Running Partner

Brittany Spaniels are famous for their boundless energy and love of vigorous exercise. As an owner of a Brittany Spaniel, you must match their stamina and provide opportunities for them to burn energy. Unfortunately, these dogs can become hyperactive, which can lead to destructive behaviors.

Brittany spaniels make good running partners. These dogs are ideal running companions due to their love of strenuous exercise, eagerness to please, and be close to their humans.

It takes time for Brittany Spaniel to trust his humans and get to the stage where he enjoys running with his owner. This article hopes to explore this topic in greater detail, looking at building a bond with your Brittany Spaniel and the safest way to start running with your Brittany Spaniel.

Are Brittany Spaniels Good To Run With?

Brittany Spaniels are excellent dogs to run with as long as you can keep up. This breed thrives within active families, and they require several jogs or long walks each day.

Brittany Spaniels were bred initially as hunting dogs in the Brittany region of north-western France. They hunted and retrieved game birds alongside their owners.

These dogs are more in line with setters and pointers than spaniels because of their love of running and boisterousness.

Today, Brittany Spaniels are mostly companion dogs; they are intelligent and trainable and love being involved in family activities. Brittany Spaniels excel in several canine sports such as obedience, field trial, and agility.

If you research online forums on this subject, you will see owners regaling Brittany Spaniels as ideal running partners.

They have incredible energy for medium-sized dogs; some can efficiently run in the woods for four hours plus, and others love running with their owner for 2 miles each day.

So if you love running or jogging, you’re in good company with a Brittany Spaniel.

Running is great for your dog’s health and yours. It can prevent obesity, build muscle, get you fit, and increase stamina. Running is also a mood lifter.

Keeping your dog healthy is the optimum way to avoid hefty vet bills, and your Brittany Spaniel will love pounding the sidewalk with you, not to mention taking in the sights and sounds of the outdoors.

Jogging can also help keep destructive behaviors at bay. Active breeds like the Brittany Spaniel do not take well to being indoors for prolonged periods; it makes them bored and often results in unwanted behavior.

Keeping your dog’s mind and body active will help eliminate pent-up energy and help build a better bond between you.

When To Train Your Brittany Spaniel To run With You

It’s understandable to want your energetic Brittany Spaniel to run or jog with you, especially since they love racing and chasing.

If you are active, you and your Brittany Spaniel are a good match, but how do you begin including your pet. Keep in mind that while running is an excellent form of exercise for people and dogs, it’s essential to do it right.

Puppies can only manage running and playing in short spurts as they are just developing and their bones grow. Long-distance running can cause injury resulting in permanent damage.

Your Brittany Spaniel can run when he is about 12 months of age, but it would help to consult your vet before you take him running with you. A vet can examine your dog for health issues before they become worse by running.

Before running, you must ensure your dog is well-trained and able to obey all your commands. Your Brittany Spaniel must be able to walk on a loose leash, and he should behave well during a walk.

It’s also crucial for your dog to be well-socialized before you take him running to ensure he doesn’t react adversely to dogs, people, wild animals, sights, sounds, and other distractions.

Safety Advice For Running With Your Dog

You must ensure to provide plenty of cool drinking water while running. Keep in mind that your dog needs as much water as you, perhaps even more.

Since dogs don’t cool themselves efficiently, use common sense on a scorching hot day. If you can barely tolerate a run, chances are your pooch can’t either, and it’s probably best to leave your dog home.

Consider that temperatures of 70 degrees Fahrenheit can be uncomfortable for your dog.

In warm weather, it’s best to go for early morning runs with your dog before the intense heat of the day. Seek immediate veterinary attention if your Brittany Spaniel shows any heatstroke signs.

Additionally, never run on hot asphalt or hot sand with your companion as it is too hot for his paws. Equally, beware of cold surfaces and avoid roads treated with salt as they can sting sensitive paws and make your dog sick if he licks it off.

Consider canine booties if you can’t avoid too hot or cold surfaces. Examine your pet’s paws after exercising for any cuts or bruises.

It’s always best to keep your Brittany Spaniel on a leash when running. You can invest in a hands-free leash to make exercising with your dog easier for you.

Using a leash when you start training your Brittany Spaniel keeps him safe and close. Your dog may pull ahead or lag behind, but with time and practice, you should run in sync with each other.

It’s better to start with a leash that offers space of about three to six inches, as it gives enough room for your dog to without allowing him to wander.

Your dog may need to eliminate during a run. The same rules apply when walking. Always pick up after your dog.

Training Your Brittany Spaniel To Run With You (Step-By-Step)

STEP 1. The first day you go running or jogging with your dog, start with around ten minutes at a slow to moderate pace.

Observe your dog’s reaction to any exercise increase; understand that you should never force your dog to run more than he can.

You can always alternate between walking or jogging for short distances to increase speed and distance gradually. But, again, starting low impact is key.

STEP 2. increase the run to five to ten minutes every few days if your Spaniel tolerates it comfortably. However, if your dog begins slowing down or limping, it’s time to stop exercising and walk home.

It’s best to allow your dog to explore before running as it helps him warm-up and will enable him to eliminate before you go. Remember to bring plastic bags should your buddy need to go while you’re running.

STEP 3. If you are ambiguous about what your dog can manage, opt for slow short runs until he improves his endurance for more.

It’s never a good idea to overdo exercise and risk injuring your buddy. It’s crucial to locate a good jogging path that is well lit, has good traction, and low traffic.

STEP 4. Cooling down slowly is as essential as warming up. After a strenuous run, a walk the last measure to calm and cool down tired muscles. Allow your dog to have time exploring or using the bathroom before bringing him back inside.

How Can I Make My Dog Run Fun?

How Can I Make My Dog Run Fun

There are numerous ways to make running with your Brittany Spaniel more stimulating and fun, and these dogs are always up for more fun. Consider the following three running activities for you and your dog to enjoy together:


A traditional game of fetch is one of the most definitive activities for the owner and dog’s enjoyment. However, you can move things up a gear with active fetch.

Active fetch has the same objective as classic fetch, except while your dog is running and retrieving the object you threw, you can sprint a short distance.

After your dog retrieves the object (toy, stick, or ball), he will look for you to return the object to you.

To make things more challenging, run away, and the game ends when your dog catches you. Another variation involves competing with your dog in retrieving the object.


These races involve running for short distances and many benefit charities. Registration fees are usually inexpensive, and the race is normally finished within an hour or two.

Once you have registered, it’s essential to train during the weeks and days leading up to the marathon. An hour or two a day of running and walking will help you both get in shape for the event.


Chase is a simple and straightforward game involving your dog chasing you while you run. To begin playing, call your dog’s attention by whistling or clapping. Then, when you have your dog’s attention, start running away.

Final Thoughts

Making a running partner out of your Brittany Spaniel is an excellent idea. If you learn to train your dog correctly, you will undoubtedly improve his health, vitality, and happiness, not to mention the unique bond for both of you.

Make sure to take things slow with your buddy, go at his pace, and remember to practice safety when running with your dog.

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