Do Brittany Spaniels Like Water? Myth Debunked

Swimming is a fantastic aerobic exercise for dogs; it keeps them fit and makes them happy. It tones muscles, it’s low impact, and the water supports your dog’s body. But, unfortunately, not every dog is a natural swimmer.

Brittany’s are capable and strong swimmers, despite having a nose for birds and small animals in the field. These dogs were bred as hunting and water companions, so, naturally, many Brittany’s make excellent swimmers. Brittany spaniels possess the ideal swimming build. They are strong, toned, and leggy. In addition, they also have long snouts so that they can breathe easily in the water.

Brittany’s have the right mental attitude for swimming as they are lively and always up for fun. This article will look at how to train your Brittany puppy to swim safely and how you can help instill confidence in your dog when he’s in the water.

Do Brittany Spaniels Like to Swim?

This breed has boundless stamina, and they love all forms of exercise. Their coat is thick, making it resistant to cold and water, so swimming is an ideal activity choice, and it’s an excellent outlet for their energy.

Of course, not every Brittany Spaniel loves water, but most jump right in with no problem. Understandably, no dog, not even a Brittany Spaniel, likes their body being in a muddy stream, so it’s best to avoid those.

Generally, you can tell if a dog will like swimming if he likes having a bath. If your dog doesn’t enjoy bath time, the chances are that he may not enjoy time in the water, be it a pool, stream, lake, ocean, etc.

It’s easier to train a puppy to swim than an adult, but if you rescued an older Brittany, you could still teach them to swim, but the process will take longer, as they may not be as confident as a puppy.

Some Brittany puppies are timid in the water at first, but they get there with time and training. Not all Brittany’s are equal; some will be more proficient swimmers than other dogs.

Some will prefer swimming whereas others prefer land activities. As with everything, the more time you allow your pal in the water, the more he will grow accustomed to it and love it.

It’s up to each owner to judge whether their dogs like swimming or not; gentle encouragement is how to draw your buddy to the water rather than using force. Brittany Spaniels will dive into pools, rivers, lakes, and the ocean without hesitation.

What Age Should You Train Your Brittany To Swim?

You must introduce your Brittany Spaniel to any water from an early age so that he gets used to it and develops a love of swimming. Vets will tell you to start teaching your pet to swim from the period of eight weeks.

This is typically when you first acquire your pet from the breeder. When a Brittany puppy is used to getting his body wet, it makes the progression to paddling much more straightforward.

You can allow your Brittany to walk in a couple of inches of the water so that you can supervise him. It’s also a wise idea to let an older dog show your Brittany puppy how to swim, as it piques his interest and it demonstrates that time in the water and swimming isn’t scary but natural for dogs.

If you own a more mature dog who isn’t such a good swimmer or can’t swim, you can still show him swimming can be pleasurable by making his bath time more enjoyable.

You can always bring him to the beach and let him decide what he is comfortable doing. He may want to put a paw in the water or walk along to the shore. Exposing your dog to water is a good idea, as it normalizes it and shows him that it can be fun.

Teaching Your Brittany To Swim

The average Brittany Spaniel puppy loves the H20 and swims like a champ; all the same, he needs gentle and patient encouragement and training.

With some dogs, learning to swim takes time, and you must not rush them and always consider safety as our pets are precious.

It’s essential to expose your Brittany to many types of water so that they don’t end up only liking pools and streams, but not the ocean, and so on. Frequent and varied exposure is the key. Consider safety before teaching your Brittany Spaniel puppy to swim:

Firstly, your Brittany must obey all your commands; otherwise, it’s unsafe to let him loose in the water. Dogs won’t always see possible hazards when they are enjoying themselves so much. He must obey your directions and do all you ask of him for his own safety.

Brittany puppies require a comfortable life jacket that should not be too tight or loose-fitting. In addition, the jacket should have a strap should you need to pull your pal out of the sea, lake, etc.

Your dog will need plenty of water to drink, so provide that and a bowl. Also, bring along a ball and some of your puppy’s favorite toys; make sure they are water-proof.

Your pet should be in the shallower part of a pool, stream, lake, pond, or beach. The water level should not go beyond your puppy’s chest.

You may have a pool in your backyard; you should consider putting a secure border around it to stop your dog from accessing it.

However, sometimes dogs manage to get through even the best borders, so as he could fall into the pool and drown, install a ramp to help him climb out should this happen.

Consider inviting another dog who can swim and is friendly with your puppy. Watching an experienced swimmer will attract your pup to the water and give him the confidence he needs.

It would be best if you watched your four-legged friend whenever he’s in or near water.

If your Brittany Spaniel struggles in water and doesn’t enjoy swimming, it might be worth getting a child’s pool so that your buddy can have a good splash, have fun, and keep cool on a warm day.

There are other ways to show your puppy that water can be fun, such as having water fights with a hose; it’s good fun for your dog and family.

Teaching Your Brittany To Swim
Teaching Your Brittany To Swim

Be aware that not all public places allow pets, so find out from your local authority which natural bodies of water allow dogs.

Now that we understand the safety aspect of being in the water, let’s look at how to teach your Brittany puppy to swim:

When your Brittany is between two and five months old, you can teach him to swim. At this young age, he will have the energy for his first swimming lesson.

However, do not throw him straight into the sea expect him to swim naturally; that is very dangerous. Your puppy might need a leash to ensure that he doesn’t stray too far, and he must wear a life vest.

End your time in the water’s shallow part and bring some toys for your pup to play with, or just let him have a splash; this should help your puppy relax.

Ensure the water is shallow and slow-moving but not stagnant, as stagnant water is often filthy and contains many parasites that are not good for your dog.

Enter the water with your puppy as this encourages him to feel comfortable. If your puppy is nervous, carry him to the shallow end and hold him while he paddles.

Make sure you hold him securely around his midsection, and if he is terrified, don’t force your buddy to remain in the water.

Entice your buddy to paddle to shore, if he can, from a short distance, as this gives him good practice. But it allows you to pull him out if needed.

Then, when your dog feels confident in the water, you can gradually increase the distance by throwing a toy further each time and getting your dog to retrieve it.

Spending time in the water and trying to swim can be tiring for a dog, as he uses new muscles. It would help for swimming lessons to be brief, check for tiredness signs; if he can’t go on, don’t make him. Then, when your pal feels more secure, you can let him be in the water for longer if you think he can manage.

Final Thoughts

Most Brittany Spaniels can swim like pros, they are built for power, endurance, and their stamina is enviable. Many Brittany’s takes to water naturally as it’s in their genetics; nevertheless, you must consider the appropriate safety steps to ensure your puppy doesn’t come to harm. 

It’s important you are calm because if you’re nervous, your sensitive friend will notice and internalize this; remember, this is a good activity for you both to enjoy. Swimming must always be a delightful experience for you and your Brittany.

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