11 Reasons Why Labradors Are the Worst Dogs

Labrador retrievers are among the best dog breeds for kids of all ages. They are kind, sweet, and take most things in stride. Moreover, they are the most popular breed in the United States. The lab retriever can be a terrific family dog, unlike its even more docile partner, the golden retriever.

Lots of people are not fans of labradors for various reasons. Labs shed a lot which can be annoying to homeowners. They also need lots of exercise and tend to become vicious guard dogs when subjected to lots of exercises and training. Unfortunately, labs are also predisposed to some genetically linked problems.

We have compiled Eleven reasons why Labradors are the worst dogs. Find out below why you might not want to get a lab retriever the next time you are looking for a pet.

1. They Shed A Lot Of Hair

For such as shorthaired dog, the lab retriever sheds a lot more than you expect- on the high average side, at least. Shedding happens twice a year. Expect the first heavy shedding for three weeks in the Spring as their thick winter coat alternates to a cooler summer coat. Also, expect another heavy shedding for three weeks in the fall as their Summer coat alternates to a winter coat.

However, labs still shed more throughout the year. For these reasons, Labrador retrievers need more brushing than other shorthaired dog breeds.

If you fail to pull out the dead undercoat during your grooming bonding sessions, it will fall out on your furniture and floors.

On the bright side, Labrador retrievers need no trimming!

2. Labs Can Have Various Health Conditions

Labs typically live 10 to 13 years. However, most of these live with chronic health issues such as arthritis. Sadly, an increasing number of Lab retrievers are lost in middle age to inherited heart disease and cancer forms.

The common orthopedic diseases in Labs include elbow dysplasia, hip dysplasia, and luxating patella (loose knee joints). Each of these conditions causes chronic pain and lameness and tend to require expensive surgery.

This dog breed is also prone to rupturing the ligaments in its hind legs. They are also prone to eye diseases, which may cause blindness.

This breed is especially at a higher-than-average risk for an unexpected gastrointestinal syndrome known as bloat, potentially killing a dog within hours.

These health complications make Labradors the worst breeds to live with, especially if you are indisposed to provide constant care and attention.

3. Labs Can Be Expensive To Buy

Based on the facts above, taking care of labs can be an expensive affair. The above-mentioned orthopedic diseases in Labradors tend to be somewhat fatal and may likely require surgery.

Dog experts recommend having pet insurance, especially when owning a Labrador. All these make it a little hard to own a Labrador, especially if you spend most of your money taking care of your dogs and neglecting bills.

4. Labs Need A Lot Of Excercise

Labrador retriever requires lots of exercises to function normally. The Labrador is an active breed. It is athletic and bouncy and needs regular opportunities to vent out its energy. This might not be a problem for you, especially if you are in the mood for some exercise yourself. However, your pet dog needs an outlet for its energy daily.

This means that even when the weather is not good, you are running late, or you are not feeling good or psyched, and your Labrador retriever will still want to go for a run or be active.

They also need sufficient mental stimulation, meaning engaging activities which keep the mind active and stimulated. Otherwise, your lab will become bored, which makes them highly destructive.

5. Labradors Can Be Very Destructive

This is a common challenge among labs that are not exercised sufficiently. Generally, the lab can be destructive, especially at a younger age when they are feeling highly energetic and playful.

Failure to train your lab on proper behavior will translate to torn curtains, scratched furniture, torn pillows, among other common destructions dogs are prone to.

Their highly destructive nature makes Labradors the worsts dogs to live with, even more so when you have kids lying around.

6. Labs May Not Be Good Around Very Young Children

The Labradors are affectionate and good around kids. However, just like all other dogs, Labs have to be taught to behave around small kids. Small Labrador puppies will naturally bite and chew on shoes, soft furniture, clothes, hands, among other things. Unfortunately, their sharp puppy teeth can hurt your kids’ hands without the puppy knowing it.

They also tend to knock down kids in play. Therefore, you have to constantly supervise your Labradors around your kids to avoid such kinds of injuries.

7. They Make Vicious Guard Dogs

This may be a good and a bad thing depending on how you train your lab. A vicious guard dog can be a threat to your neighbors unless you are going for that. Labrador retrievers are trained to be family protective, meaning anyone coming close to your family may face their wrath.

It only becomes a problem when it harms or injures an innocent neighbor or a visitor. However, you can solve this threat by training your Labrador when and when not to attack or be aggressive.

Watch out for aggressive Labs as well. They may be having underlying issues which cause them to act out and be aggressive.

8. Labradors Are Too Affectionate

How is this a bad thing? You want a loving dog that gives you all the attention. Think again.

If you have allergies to dog saliva, dander, or hair, then the Labrador is the worst dog breed to have. You may also want to watch out for your kid who hugs dog pets too often.

You may not realize this immediately, by the somewhat oily coat keep down some dander.

A Labrador tends to lack boundaries and, just like its cousin, the golden retriever will be all up in your business. Seriously, you may not have breathing space. Depending on who you are, your affections for pets, or boundaries set, you may or may not also realize and take this as a love language expressed by the dog.

However, some individuals cannot tolerate being around a Labrador, which is understandable.

9. Labs Are People Dogs

Unlike certain dog breeds, Labradors constantly want to be around people. If you are going to get a Lab and have to tie it outside the house, this breed is not for you. Labradors should mix with people. Letting your lab interact with people in your home is one way to ensure its emotional health.

This is a problem for homeowners who need a dog for security reasons and want to opt for the Labrador dog breeds. While it is a protective pet, it also needs to be around you more often.

10. Labradors Are Too Common

On the bright side, this means they are easy to find. Unfortunately, this also means you may get a Lab puppy that is not well-bred. A top-quality Labrador breed is not as cheap as one would have you believe. For this reason, most breeders want to sell poorly bred Labs at lower prices to make more profit. Chances are you might have a poorly bred pup owing because they are a very common breed.

11. Labradors Tent To Be Unhygienic

If you are big on hygiene and maintaining a clean atmosphere, the Labrador may not be your go-to dog breed. For starters, they shed a lot. They also dig holes in your yard. They chew on things, track in mud. Labs rub against your walls more than often and may leave marks. With a single tail movement, a lab can spill and knock down everything on your coffee table.

A stuffed dog is more suitable if you want something more hygienic and almost stationary.


Overall, Labrador retrievers make good service dogs. Technically, they are not the worst dog breeds you will come across. However, they have some unpleasant characteristics that make them the worst dogs to live with.

For starters, you cannot maintain a clean house with a Lab around. Moreover, if you are predisposed to allergic reactions caused by dog saliva and hairs, a Lab will get you to react before you think of chasing them away.

We highly recommend owning a Lab if you are not a stone-hearted human. It is one of the most energetic dog breeds that is almost too affectionate. If this does not resonate with you, then the Labrador retriever is the worst dog breed to have at home.

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