Are Dobermans Good For First Time Owners? 25 Things You Need To Know

When picking out a new dog, it can take a long time to decide what breed is best for your family. You need to consider things like your lifestyle and where you live. If you are a first-time owner, this decision is more important because you want to make sure you get a dog that isn’t too hard to care for.

Dobermans are good for first-time owners. However, they are a big dog breed which means you will have to spend time training them to keep their behavior under control. For new owners, it could be good to work closely with an experienced trainer. But Dobermans are friendly, fun animals, making them a great option for even beginner dog owners.

In the rest of the article, we are going to go over some of the specifics about Dobermans. We are going to take a look at a range of different things like how to train a Doberman, how to entertain a Doberman, and what kind of health problems you might want to be on the lookout for. You can use all this information to decide whether the Doberman is the right dog breed for you.

Are Dobermans Easy To Train?

Training should be relatively simple as long as you start working on it as soon as you bring your new Doberman puppy home. Dobermans are an extremely intelligent breed, and they naturally want to please their owners, which are two very helpful traits when it comes to training. However, training an adult Doberman for the first time can be more difficult.

What Is The Best Age To Train A Doberman?

The best age to start training your Doberman is between eight and twelve weeks old, so you can start creating good habits early on. However, most puppies have very short attention spans early on, so you have to start with easy commands like sit, down, and stay. Then, when they reach about six months old, you can start more formal training.

How Do I train My Doberman To Be Protective?

There are some guard dog or protective skills that you can teach on your own, such as teaching your dog to bark when someone unfamiliar comes to the door. However, for more aggressive skills like biting an attacker, you are going to want to work with an experienced trainer. It takes careful training to teach a dog how to be protective without being aggressive when he shouldn’t be.

Can Dobermans Be Crate Trained?

Yes, Dobermans can be trained to stay in a crate when you are gone or need them contained when you are home. However, Dobermans are large and energetic dogs, so they should not spend too much time in their crate, or they will go stir crazy. You can usually leave a Doberman in a large crate for up to four hours.

At What Age Do Dobermans Calm Down?

Doberman puppies are extremely active and energetic, and this does not just stop when your dog turns one and is technically no longer a puppy. Most Dobermans will start to calm down around 2 to 3 years old, though it does vary some depending on your dog’s lifestyle and personality.

Are Dobermans Good With Other Dogs?

As with most dogs, how good Dobermans are with other dogs depends on their socialization as a puppy. If you make sure to expose your Doberman to other dogs as a puppy, they tend to be great with other dogs. Especially other family dogs. However, Dobermans are very protective, so if they consider another dog to be a threat to you or another family member, they might attack.

How Do You Entertain A Doberman?

Dobermans are a very energetic and intelligent breed, and if they get too bored or are left alone too long, they can start to display destructive behaviors. Therefore, you want to stimulate your Doberman with puzzle toys or scavenger hunts mentally, and you also want to ensure that your dog gets plenty of active play to run out some of their energy.

How Much Excercise Do Dobermans Need?

Because they are big dogs and have lots of energy, Dobermans need daily exercise. The American Kennel Club recommends that you get your Doberman at least two hours of exercise every day. This can be things like going on walks or runs, playing outside, or playing fetch.

Are Male Or Female Dobermans More Aggressive?

With proper training and socialization, Dobermans can be really sweet pets both with humans and other dogs; however, they can be aggressive if they feel like someone they care about is in danger. Generally speaking, experts have found that females are more aggressive than male Dobermans. They usually react quicker to strangers, which does make them excellent protection dogs if that is what you are looking for.

Are Dobermans Good With Kids And Babies?

Like most other behavioral areas, Dobermans are great with kids and babies as long as they are properly socialized. However, just like you need to train your high-energy dog to act gently around kids, you need to train your kids to respect your dog, which means not yanking on his ears and tails all day long.

Do Dobermans Like To Cuddle?

When you first look at a huge Doberman, you might not think that he is going to be a cuddle bug, but the truth is Dobermans are very affectionate dogs, and they will love to cuddle up on the couch beside you. Some Dobermans even seem to believe that they are tiny lap dogs and will try to curl upright on your lap.

Do Dobermans Turn On Their Owners?

No, Dobermans do not turn on their owners, and anything that you have heard about Dobermans suddenly turning aggressive is a myth. The only reason that Dobermans would ever turn on their owner is if said owner is abusive. As long as you properly care for your Doberman, you will have a loyal and loving companion for as long as he lives.

Are Dobermans Good House Dogs?

Dobermans love their families, which makes them great house or family dogs. However, they will not be happy spending all day, every day inside the house, so just make sure you give them plenty of time in the backyard or out and about on walks.

Can Dobermans Be Outside Dogs?

Dobermans cannot be kept as outside dogs. When left alone too long, they can get bored and lonely, which leads to them getting destructive and showing several different problematic behaviors. Many people believe that all big dogs can be outside dogs, but this is simply not true.

Are Stairs Bad For Dobermans?

While constantly climbing up and down the stairs can be bad on any dog’s joints, it is okay for an adult dog to go up and down the stairs a few times a day. However, it is best not to let your Doberman puppy under one run up and down the stairs on his own. Puppies don’t just climb the stairs; they fly up and down them, resulting in injury. Any injury while your Doberman is still growing can be extremely problematic.

Can Dobermans Live In An Apartment?

Generally speaking, Dobermans should live in a house with a backyard that they can run around in and spend some of that energy. However, they can live perfectly comfortable and healthy lives in an apartment as long as you make sure that they get plenty of exercise and social interaction each day. In addition, it could be helpful if you have a dog park nearby to take your dog regularly.

Can Dobermans Be Left Alone?

While you might not want to leave your untrained puppy home alone because he might get into some trouble or destroy things, however, once your dog is an adult and trained, you can usually trust him to be alone around the house for a few hours.

Should I Get Their Ears Cropped?

Many breeders crop the puppy’s ears before they send them home, so you might not have a choice. However, if the breeder has not already done it, it is completely up to your discretion. Cropping Dobermans ears is purely cosmetic and does not come with any health benefits. Some people, especially those who show their dogs, prefer the traditional look of cropped ears, while others believe cosmetic procedures are just too risky or painful.

Do Dobermans Have A Lot Of Health Problems?

There are a couple of common health problems that your Doberman might experience:

1 Willebrand’s Disease: This blood clotting disorder can make any surgery, including desexing surgeries, dangerous.

2 Wobblers Syndrome is a common disease in large dogs where the spinal cord and nerve roots are compressed, resulting in nervous system deficits or neck pain.

3 Genetic Problems: There are a couple of different genetic problems common in Dobermans, such as chronic active hepatitis and DCM or dilated cardiomyopathy. You can get genetic testing done on your puppy to help you identify any of these problems ahead of time.

Are Dobermans Prone To Allergies?

Yes, Dobermans are particularly prone to allergies and skin sensitivity in comparison to other breeds. Most of their allergies will develop in the face, paws, sides, hind end, and legs.

Why Do Dobermans Get Dandruff?

Your dog’s dandruff could be caused by food allergies, allergic reaction to insect bites, or contact with things in the environment like pollen. It could also be simply caused by season changes leading to dry skin.

Do Dobermans Shed?

Dobermans are considered moderate shedding. Because they are single coated, they shed about the same amount all year. They are also short-haired dogs, so their shedding can feel more manageable than the shedding that comes with long-haired dogs.

How Often Should A Doberman Be Groomed?

Dobermans need regular bathing. Depending on your dog’s activity level, he will need a bath every six to eight weeks. However, they do not need much when it comes to grooming. They are short-haired dogs, so their hair does not really get long enough to warrant a full cut. However, they do need things like their teeth being brushed and nails being clipped. You can also brush your dog down with a rubber brush or grooming mitt occasionally to help keep their skin shiny.

Do Dobermans Drool?

While things might change as your dog gets old, Dobermans are not known to droll a whole lot. They have naturally tight lips which keep most of their saliva in their mouth,

How Long Do Dobermans Live?

Most Dobermans live to be 10 to 13 years old, though it can vary for a number of different reasons, including health complications.

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